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Online Empirical Methods

Due to a significant number of technical issues, it has been decided reluctantly to suspend indefinitely the roll-out of the updated Empirical Methods. We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused some of our users in the past and those who have been awaiting the relaunch patiently. At some presently unspecified time in the future, a calculation tool is envisaged which will be announced on the usual fora once available.

The delays and technical challenges involved in updating these methods arose from the original development package used for EurOtop 2007 becoming obsolete. Due to the changes implemented in EurOtop 2016, and possible future updates, it was no longer practicable to maintain the website within the framework of the obsolete environment.

PC Overtopping has not been updated, as discussed in Section 4.3, but will remain available indefinitely. It will continue to give the same answers as EurOtop 2007, and there are presently no plans to update it in the future.

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